3" High Flow Cat

Went to American Muffler in San Diego to have them install a "Car-sound" 3 in High Flow Cat. (Same one that RK Sport Sells) Cost me $140 for the Cat and $40 to install it.

Before they started the work, I told them that I wish they could straighten out my tips and fix a rattle I was having in the rear. They took a look and said no problem. They cut off the old Cat re-welded both O2 sensors. Added a foot of 3 in pipe after the cat to connect it to the intermediate pipe. That cost me $30.

To fix the rattle and straighten the tips, they decided to re-hang the whole exhaust system. They took it down, cut, re-angled, re-welded and re-hung it. It took them over an hour, but they owner wanted to make sure it was done right. Well after it was done, there was no rattle and the tips were straight. And they only charged me $20!! They did a very good job!

If anyone wants to have their exhaust system worked on, give Brent a call...

American Muffler
7849 Raytheon Rd
San Diego, CA 92111