Hurst Shifter

Got it from RK Sport Installation took about 2 hours. Tried to install it without taking off the center-console. It made it a little harder. I did have to loosen all the bolts holding it on. After removing the old shifter and installing the new one. I realized that by not removing the center-console I couldn't put the bolts back in to hold the shifter. Getting it off was hard, because of the parking brake lever. I did find out the there is a spring loaded mechanism on the side of the parking brake that I had to move to release the cable from the level. That allowed me to pull the lever all the way up vertical. Making it easier to remove the center-console.

I think it was one of the best mods I did. Shifts are short and tight. Real hard to miss any shift. My only problem is the cheap plastic ball they use on the shifter. I bought an aluminum knob but it wouldn't fit. Still looking for something that will.

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