160 Hypertech Powerstat

Got my Powerstat #1006 installed today. Took me about 20 minutes and was real easy to do. Moving the EGR hose made it easier. Cost me $12 for the Powerstat at Pep Boys (Special Order). It does come with the O-ring gasket, but not the housing gasket. I bought both gaskets anyways. Glad I did, the O-ring that came with the Powerstat didn't fit to well. It was a little too large. The one I bought from PepBoys fit perfectly.

When I installed the first thermostat (180), I didn't bleed the air out. Just in case, I did it with the 160. I just had to open the bleed screw on the housing while the engine was running and until fluid came out. Didn't need to add anti-freeze. Gauge sits just above 160 now. Now for that Programmer to get the fans on sooner. I did notice that the temperature stamped on the Powerstat was 155.

I will get another Dyno and see if it helps.

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Powerstat Box Powerstat Before Install Removed EGR Hose Removed Thermostat Housing Removed Thermostat Temperture Gauge