Comp T/A's ZR 245-50/16


I decided I better get some tires because mine are bald. So I went down to Discount Tire. They sell the Comp T/A's ZR 245-50/16 for $146 ea. The manager remembered that someone just returned some because they were too large. I said how much? He wanted to sell them for $100 ea. Hmmm, I ask to see a brand new one to compare the two. The used one didn't look bad, he said they were on a Mitshibisi for about 3 days. I told him that I though they were on longer. Then he offered them to me for $90 ea. I said sure. Got the whole set installed with the Road Hazard Warranty for $525 out the door.

Comp T/A Right Front Comp T/A Left Rear